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could tool anyone in basketball and also gets head from amanda
wayne gets wat he wants on the court and on amanda
by holla March 22, 2005

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1. A funny boy
2. Someone who is silly
3. A cute sillyhead
Whoa ..he's Jonst.. he's so funny
by holla January 04, 2005

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eTERRORISTS are people who create fear among other people online. eterrorists are known to practice terrorism, which takes many forms, such as beating you in a game, hijacking your CPU, frying your video card, spamming mics, hacking your IRC channels, and other evil things.
Kid please dont start shit before i take over your computer and blow it up right before your eyes
by Holla January 28, 2005

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Also known as "da ville" or "da vose". Two towns so small they share a zip code. Actually has real streets named Bertha and Street Road. A place where everybody really does know your name... and everything else about you. Contains only 3 main places to hang out Suburban Diner, Your friends house, and Brunswick Zone. Considered to be one of the most boring places to live ever..however it could be worse, at least its not in Alabama.

Feasterville Trevose "the friendly place to live"
by holla January 09, 2005

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A twenty (20') inch rim for you vehicle.
Yo? you see those hot dubs on that niggas caddillac?
by holla November 25, 2003

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The thugs of Walt Whitman High School. All of them have dealt drugs at one point. They act hard and have been known to start fights over nothing. Their name is derived from the 'hood where most of the members live.
Im gonna buy some weed from a Sangmore kid...
by Holla October 31, 2004

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the noun form of when one is gettin real real crunk, fosheezie.
"see that cat in the party chuggin all the bacardi? he be crunkintup"
by Holla November 07, 2002

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