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A person who lacks real world experience and collects their knowledge of a particular subject by reading about it rather than experiencing it. Said person then considers themself an expert and is often chided for "getting the facts wrong" and adding incorrect supposition and assumptions to his/her arguments.

Person is easily identifiable online by long-winded posts that at first glance sound knowledgable, but upon closer scrutiny by anyone who is a real expert, reveal 40% fact and 60% talking out of his ass.

Person is also identifiable in real life when they constantly mispronounce words by speaking them phonetically rather than correctly.

When cornered, the Wikipidiot will often flip-flop, not answer your rebutles but claim he/she did, answer with thinly-veiled insults, try peer-pressure tactics by asking their closest ass-kissing friend to back them up (as if two Wikipidiots somehow validate the argument); all the while never admiting they made a mistake.
Seito Kaiba is a complete Wikipidiot and never leaves his house. Reading about something online doesn't hold a candle to actual real-world experience.
by Zor Master April 25, 2009
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Someone who will believe ANYTHING they read on Wikipedia, never considering the fact that ANYONE can edit it and articles can be sabotaged or based on false information.
Creating your own Wikipedia entry is an effective tool for political debate online, as there are plenty of Wikipidiots out there who will believe anything they read on there.
by HeavyD2 October 21, 2008
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Someone who loves to sit at a computer and read random articles on
Dave: "Hey is Josh coming out tonight?"

Shawn: "Aw Fuck him. He doesn't leave his house anymore because he's such a wikipidiot.
by FilthyMan69 May 30, 2007
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