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He is the epitomy of all things horrible and fat. Known for gobbling down cookies by the thousands, this mysterious creature dwells in a house with absolutely no interesting things, save for a computer and a weird family. Lefferts is sometimes known to venture out of his natural habitat and go to school, but sadly, he has trouble adapting. Usually Lefferts is an apathetic and lazy creature, however if you steal his food you will know that there is a wrath of the Lefferts boiling underneath it all.
Random Asian Person 1: "Oh my god! Lefferts is attacking the cookie jar!"

Random Asian Person 2: "Run for your life!!!"
by Haywood Jabloeme December 11, 2004

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This is the maneuver in which you shuffle up the weed in the bowl to get a better burn and see if there's any green left.
Yo, is the bowl cashed dude? Let's check it out with a THC Shuffle!
by Haywood Jabloeme December 23, 2004

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1. The sauce of utter pwnage, it is made with 1 parts pwn to every 1 parts pwn. Stir the combined pwn together until it simmers in a deep saucepan on stovetop burner set to high. After pwnsauce is at a simmer, take it off of the heat and immediately place onto whatever dish requires it.

2. What you put on any enemy when you totally pwn them in CS.
1. Some Dude: Mmmmm, this pwnsauce is fantastic!
SNL Guy: You like-a-da-sauce eh?
Some Dude: Uh, yeah, I do.
SNL Guy: The sauce is good, eh?
Some Dude: Yeah, it's good.
SNL Guy: You want more sauce?
Some Dude: Uh, ok, sure.
SNL Guy: I get you more sauce.

2. OMG! I totally glocked that beyotch, jeez, I bet he's still wipin' of the pwnsauce.
by Haywood Jabloeme December 27, 2004

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Term used to signify the last hits off of the smoking apparatus.
Ah, it looks like we're almost out, it's time for the Last of the Tokehicans...
by Haywood Jabloeme December 23, 2004

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v. to trick or deceive; to engage in an act of trickery

Etymology: Bogardian
Bogo - "Hey, we had 20 minutes left, I'll never believe you again, you shnookered me"
by Haywood Jabloeme March 08, 2005

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1. In CAD to bring two lines together at a 45 degree angle
2. To completely and utterly pwn someone beyond belief.
1. Yo, are you gonna chamf those two lines?
2. Dude, Lefferts just got chamfed by Otto!
by Haywood Jabloeme December 23, 2004

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A physics teacher known for his blatent Canadian-esque Northern New York ways and social ineptitude. Often he can be found making trebuchets and attacking the castles that he sees in his drug induced hallucinations (from chilling with Sitter). Bogo is a smooth blend of weird, annoying, forgetful, and clueless that seems to work as a powerful sleeping agent. Often he goes off on tangents, speaking at length about Trooper Joe and his zany friends doing crazy ( see Xtreme ) things.
Physics student 1: *Snore*
Bogo: That means that the force is always tangent to the circle!
Physics student 2: Wow, this is so Xtreme
by Haywood Jabloeme December 11, 2004

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