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A humorous web-based mini-movie musical starring Neil Patrick Harris and others.

Neil Patrick Harris plays the role typically seen as the bad guy (an evil genius) and fights Nathan Fillion, as Captain Hammer (the usual good guy), over a mutual love interest (Felicia Day, as Penny).
I just watched Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog for the first time!
I'm buying the soundtrack.
by Haydoom December 21, 2008

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Kinda famous author that criticizes American pop-culture.
Though strewn throughout his works you may be reminded of a pre-teen boy with a big vocabulary, who has an alright life but wishes it was worse so he can complain about it more in his blog.
"I like Chuck Klosterman's writings. They're funny and satiric n all, I just wish he wasn't so almost annoyingly depressing at times."
by Haydoom December 21, 2008

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When the word "whore" just isn't enough.
"What do you mean, dating four guys at once? What a sausage basket".
by Haydoom July 26, 2009

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The act during which you treat a woman like dirt, she will then stick to you like mud.
"Didja hear about Jim and Susie?"
"No, what?"
"He proposed to her and she said no. He then proceeded to beat her".
"Oh wow, then what happened?"
"She then said yes. Been happily married for 3 years now".
"Sounds like a Dirtmud to me".
"I'm so happy for them".
by Haydoom December 14, 2008

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The reverse of Dirtmud.
During which, the woman in a relationship treats the man badly, and therefore he stays.
Pretty rare, especially in comparison to the original term.
"Hear about Bob?"
"No, what?"
"His lady cheated on him for the third time in one year."
"Oh wow, what's he gonna do about it?"
"He bought her a car."
"Ah, Reverse Dirtmud..."
by Haydoom December 28, 2008

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The kind of therapy one goes to when he/she finds that everyone hates them, typically on-sight.
"I have no idea why they hate me so much. We've never even talked."
"Maybe you need to go to reverse anger-management".
"Good idea. It's not like this is the first time it's happened".
by Haydoom July 29, 2009

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When the words "white trash" just aren't enough.
She bought two of those sling things for her kids so she could breastfeed both at the same time. Very white landfill, if you ask me.
by Haydoom July 26, 2009

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