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An adjective used to describe crusty goth kids. Batshitters can often be found shopping at Hot Topic, and wearing clothes with tribal designs on them. Flames and skulls are acceptable also, if there is no tribal.

They mostly listen to the genre of music known as Nu-Metal, but it can also differ, according to whats cool at the time. Acceptable music for batshitters: Godsmack, Korn, Slipknot, Marilyn Manson, whatever else is on Headbangers Ball.

Batshitters often claim to be different from everybody else, or to be weird, but in all actually, they are just as big of tools than the people they claim to be different from.
"Nice Slipknot hoodie, batshitter"

Guy One: "I'm going to go listen to Korn, because nobody understands me"
Guy Two: "You fucking batshitter"
Guy One: "I'm going to cut my wrists"

"I hate batshitters"
by DMONEY. February 27, 2005
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