66 definitions by Harry

A word to celebrate something or in response of something told to you that you are pleased about.
"I won the race, WHEY"
Jeremiah: "I've just found some money"
You: "Whey, nice one mate"
by Harry January 28, 2005
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A snotty is a glass pipe used for smoking marijuana generally, though i have heard people using it to smoke crack cocaine.
Hey andrew, you got your snotty on you?
by Harry November 23, 2004
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When a guy holds his dick with both hands, whatever hangs over is proud meat.
Man, I got me three inches of proud meat.
by Harry January 15, 2004
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the act of smacking your significant other in the head with your penis.
The whore liked being flogged as she came.
by harry January 21, 2003
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the best damn town in the world..located in new york state just an hour away from NYC..
dude i wanna hook up so im gonna take the car up to katonah this weekend, it will be awesome.
by harry October 10, 2003
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it's a mexican verb that can be used whenever you want, it means almost everything...just like fuck.
chingate...fuck you
chingon...fuckin cool or a person that is the best
by Harry December 17, 2003
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1).A chic with a huge camel-toed pussy that shows shows no matter what she's wearing.

2).A pussy with a lot of meat...bigger than your fist!
Man, that chic's pussy's bigger than your fist!!
by Harry November 01, 2004
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