John Digweed is a world famous dj who travels around the world to spin records at numerous clubs and parties he commands up to $20000 a night and is the best dj to ever live on the face of the earth
by harry January 6, 2004
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The pimp man hanging out with the DJ at a New Year's Eve Rave.
"Give it up for Sasha and digweed, fo sheezy!"
by ignorant mofo June 3, 2003
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The DJ that hangs out with Sasha in LA, California. Digweed is a real person
"Give it up for Sasha and Digweed!" - Jake The Pimp
by Ignorant mofo June 3, 2003
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One of the world's best known progressive house djs who broke in to the dance music industry with a residency alongside Sasha at the Renaissance Club in England. He went on to hold a legendary residency at Twilo, NYC (1996-2001) where he played between 8-12 hours on the last Friday of every month. After the closure of the club he has toured tirelessly, playing about 200 shows per year on every continent on the planet.
John Digweed tore the roof off the club last night when he played Luke Dzierzek's remix of "Out of the Curious".

I wish I could see John Digweed spin at Twilo just once, those were legendary club nights.
by TwiloGhost November 26, 2007
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