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A person who is so nice, your penis will go through the fucking moon. At first, you might think, "Man so-and-so is a total bitch!" But once you get to know so-and-so, you realize that they aren't so bad after all. "Wow, that person isn't a bitch, they're a beitch!" So-and-so smiles, and watches as your penis explodes out of your pants and goes directly for the moon. Depending on where the moon is relative to your location, your penis could possibly shoot through the earth, or just shoot through the moon. Either way, your penis is going to be in bad condition. To prevent this from happening, I would suggest digging a hole in the ground and isolate yourself by living in that hole. Avoid people at all costs, you never know who a beitch is until it's too late.
"Welcome to McDonald's, how may I take your order?"
"Oh shit, it's a beitch!"
by Dilly's Willy May 20, 2018
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