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Rub and Tug. A name for a Massage parlor or place in which after the massage is given, it is ended with a hand job. aka Happy Ending

A place or a way in which a man get get "relieved" and it not be considered cheating.
I am super soar/tired and my wife is on vacation. I am gong for a Rub and Tug.
by Gwynnetastic July 17, 2010

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A vacation Grown Adult Men Take together. Leaving behind all the annoying things in life work,wives,girlfriends and children.
Me- " I am going to Cancun in March

Girlfriend " Spring Break? But you are 26"

Me- No, Spring break is for kids. This is a Gentlemans Vacation
by GwynneTastic January 28, 2010

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To Kiss a girl very quicky after she gave ANOTHER guy a blow job and he blew a load in her mouth.
"Joe just got Snow balled. He is making out with that girl who just blew me"
by Gwynnetastic February 27, 2010

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A female you are going to hook up with, who has very little chance of it going any further.

She is right for tonight. A slump buster. One night stand.
"Noelle, Lauren, Karen, Gina all already left!"

Not my 1,2,3,4 or 5th choice. I guess -------- will due. Looks like she is Ms. Tonight.
by Gwynnetastic February 01, 2010

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The act of waking up to a one night stand and having that person clinging and cuddling you as if you are in a serious relationship.
I woke up to go piss and that random girl was clinging to my waist. I don't even know her name. A total Un-Earned Cuddle.
by Gwynnetastic February 27, 2010

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Having sex with a random girl without wearing a condom.
"F*ck, I was drunk-we played just the tip and once it went in we just kept on going. Another night of Dick Dice"
by Gwynnetastic February 28, 2010

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A persons/couples/dates/parents wedding Etiquette.
Good Wedi-quette

Being considerate of guests.

Sending stamps with RSVP envelopes.
Top shelf Open Bar
Sushi stand for cocktail hour


Inviting someone to a wedding single.

Having a wedding 500 miles away.

Having a cash bar.

Having ugly female guests.
by gwynnetastic May 28, 2010

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