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Term used to describe the 2016 presidential campaign of Ted Cruz.
He wants to de-regulate, repeal Obamacare, "carpet-bomb" Syria, defund Planned Parenthhood and deny LGBT rights because of "religious beliefs"?!? He's on a real Cruzade!
by Gronkage February 4, 2016
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When you type something into you smart phone that autocorrects into your true feelings.
Text 1 : Hey guys, would you rather spend your holidays
A) boozing with friends or
B) harming out with your family?

Text 2 : My bad, autocorrect karma, should have said "hanging out"
by Gronkage December 14, 2015
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When white people attempt to justify blatantly racist acts by deflecting, projecting, and employing "what-aboutism".
Tucker Carlson tried like Hell to hwitesplain the George Floyd murder.
by Gronkage January 31, 2023
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When a person is speaking and they raise their index finger (usually the right one) to emphasize the point they are making in an aggrandizing manner.
“Ever notice when Bobby gets all high and mighty, he lifts the Imam finger?"
by Gronkage August 27, 2015
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