4 definitions by Green Hell Zone

When a dolphin makes a sound right as you swear.
Remember Dirty isabella? she shaked her booty and then got Sailor Mouthed. And then again.
by Green Hell Zone April 18, 2020
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That one word Fuck Every Word 2.0 used instead of the N word to bypass Twitter's wrath.
FEW: fuck snigger
Everyone: Whoa there, Callie. Let's keep it E for everyone.
by Green Hell Zone July 30, 2020
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A person who says that anything related to SpongeBob after the first movie sucks.
Person 1: I hated the SpongeBob Movie Out of Water. Why the 3D animation?
Person 2: Ok, Spongeboomer.
by Green Hell Zone December 2, 2020
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