1. The act of spewing forth profanities as if you were a dirty sailor.

2. using excessive profane, or vulgar language in an unacceptable setting

1."Grandma has a dirty sailor mouth... Shut the f*** up Timmy!"

2. "Oh I love it when you f*** my **** with your *** **** captain **** bucket **** *** jackhammer ****ed *** **** ****** **** rub my **** with a ****ing titmouse"
by Mr Eff October 31, 2007
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Spongebob episode, S2, E1, first aired September 21, 2001.
Line from "Sailor Mouth" - "Krabs is a (dolphin sound)"
by WhipRBLX January 8, 2017
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When a dolphin makes a sound right as you swear.
Remember Dirty isabella? she shaked her booty and then got Sailor Mouthed. And then again.
by Green Hell Zone April 18, 2020
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The habit of using speech containg profuse amounts of curse words and other offensive language, due to time spent in the U.S. Navy.

This is common speak in the Navy, but may be frowned upon elsewhere.
sailor 1: hey bit**, what are you doing for lunch today? want to go get some fu**in' sh**donald's?

civilian friend: whoa dude, tone down your sailor's mouth. and yes, i would love to go.
by Sailormanbananaton March 8, 2011
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A permanent sperm taste in a persons mouth from overindulgence in man on man fellatio. Traditionally associated with the Navy.
Ian has been out of the Navy for 17 years and still suffers from sailor mouth.
by Dick C Normous February 11, 2010
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