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A stalker, pyscopath, or sociopath who harasses you via Facebook.

Can be an ex or jealous aquaintance or colleague or just as easily someone who has only crossed your path online, on Facebook.

Their behaviour can include:

1. Unwelcome private messages until you block them.
2. Following you around from group to group to read and respond to your posts, as they can no longer message you.
3. Cloning you.
4. Creating fake accounts to try and befriend you and get access to your profile that way - failing that: to harass you.
5. Starting up hate groups about you.

A Facespook will sometimes try to pass off their abusive and harassing behaviour as "trolling" to other members of a shared Facebook group, so that the victim is left to fend for herself.
types: "OMG I can't believe Mark started up a hate group about you! WHAT is up with that?!?! Talk about a Facespook! LMFAO"

types back: "LOL I know. Did you join?"
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1. Used to describe poor driving, particularly driving when drunk.

2. Lack of coordination when using the features of a car, such as the stereo or cigarette lighter.
"Wanna lift home?"

"No thanks, you have Gross Motor Skills"
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Used to describe someone online who has a massive hissy-fit, meltdown, breakdown; publicly online; and then announces they were 'trolling' to cover their embarressment.

First used in 2009 to describe the behaviour of a certain red-headed Facebook group memeber who, upon reading a post about a "humourless ranga", launched into a fullscale meltdown: creating many fake accounts to spam the group with pornographic images to get the group shut down.

When it was pointed out that the 'ranga' post was written 6 months before he joined or knew the author, he announced that he was "trolling". Legend has it that the word "Gotcha!" was even used.

When this explanation didn't fly with one particularly savvy group member, the
Cry Troll launched a one-man (and many fake accounts) attack on her, even making up a Facebook hate group in her honour - giving rise to the expression: Facespook.
"I hate you all. You are all so unbelievably MEAN. I am taking my virtual ball and going HOME. I never want to SEE ANY of your fake profile pictures AGAIN. I am going to SUE you ALL for being such NASTY NASTY PEOPLE...."

"Settle down dude. That wasn't about you. Check the date."

"Oh. GOTCHA! I was only TROLLING!"

"Sure you were dude. Well done. Cry Troll - good strategy. So long as you're calm now that's the main thing."
by Great-Aunt of Sohm-Yung Ho 🦉 February 12, 2009
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A Canadian cunt stain, especially: a certain male Facebook user who is a minor but perennial irritant to certain Australians.
Higzy: Cuntstainadian
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A common complaint of celebrities and wannabes, a megraine is a severe headache caused by incessantly talking about oneself and focusing on one's problems without ever stopping to consider how fortunate one is and how other people have genuine problems.

Though not a serious medical issue, a megraine can cause sufferers to be incapable of functioning normally or permorming routine tasks for themselves - like wiping their own arse.
"bla bla bla bla bla bla me bla me bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla ble me bla my life is so hard bla bla bla bla..."

"Sounds tough... er...Ms Hilton do you think you can go out now and show your face at the party we've paid you hundreds of thousands of dollars to host for charity.."

interrupting: "bla bla bla me bla bla bla what do they want from me bla bla bla bla so hard bla bla bla bla bla I HAVE A MEGRAINE bla bla bla"
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1. the female equivalent of a 'boner'.

2. May be as mild as slight moisture and nothing else: 'semi lady-boner'

3. Or it may be characterised by extreme wetness, involuntarily clenching and unclenching vaginal muscles, and an erect clitoris: 'massive lady-boner'
"Why did you have unprotected sex with that bad-boy player last night?"

"Because I had a massive lady-boner and he was really doing it for me and my school and family preach abstinence so I had no condoms".
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female equivalent of a 'stiffy' or hard-on and ONE of the ways in which a lady-boner manifests, the moisty is simply referring to the moisture that occurs when a female is very pleased to see someone.
Cinema attendant to last female to leave the theatre: "Miss the movie is over. Can you please leave? I need to clean up before the next session."

her: "I would like to but I am stuck to the seat."

him: "Ah I see. The same thing happened to my girlfriend once."

her: "Yes. It's Daniel Craig as 'Bond' you see. Gave me a moisty of epic proportions."
by Great-Aunt of Sohm-Yung Ho 🦉 February 17, 2009
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