A localized storm or sudden gust of wind often with accompanying snow, sleet or rain. A flurry or squall.
Origin probably Yorkshire, England - local dialect.
A hig blew up and we got drenched. A hig hit our dinghy as we left the harbour and we capsized.
by Henley November 14, 2015
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A sexual position which favours the woman often resulting in a mind blowing orgasm. Similar to doggy style but with a 'reach around' towards the clitoris and the woman moving to spell the word 'HIG'
"James gave me a hig last night it was so amazing"
"You should get higged girl!"
by Broken Cloud November 5, 2008
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A variation of a pig which is either hairy, from a highland part of a country or both.
"My lord Kelsey did you see the massive Hig slaughter factory in Glasgow?"
"The great Hig genocide of 2009 was really tragic."
by ComicalTheory March 20, 2017
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A redneck BBQ.
A get-together of country hicks.
Last night was the best hig them McCoys put on yet!

We're going to a hig tonight. Be back later.
by *Man who makes words* July 19, 2009
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example: Rainbow Dash, do you really want to hig Soarin to death? naughty pony
by The American Urban Dictionary September 7, 2020
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A combination of sexually hitting and hugging a person that you have a love hate relationship with.
She totally higged Mike as he awkwardly stood there.
by Cherry Cherry Boom Boom x2 December 29, 2010
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creepy hug, hug from a semi-stranger or not well known enough acquaintance.
"that tweaker guy that's always hanging out here keeps giving higs to me" "yeah well he does that to most girls that've talked to him for more than 5 minutes"; "that hig was really uncomfortable"
by ravunn March 19, 2005
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