A filler word pseudo smart people use to make their essays, conversations, or debates sound more interesting. In short, it means pertaining to an aforementioned area, and if no area is mentioned, globally.
Iraq is essential on a geopolitical scale.

Really? How so?

Think about it! (they clearly dont know the answer)
by cheaaaaaaaaaaaaa October 4, 2008
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1. The study of politics on a larger, nationwide scale.

2. A word Bill O'Reilly throws around to make the person arguing with him look stupid. Bill usually says it to people when they question his stances on the Iraq war.
Do you want to argue geopolitics with me Dave?
by Phil Deviant April 20, 2008
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To speak in a sensitive manner about a demographic in a specific area that would otherwise be appropriate elsewhere. Typically done by individuals of the same background who originate from a different place.
Tyler: Man, I love vacationing in Mexico. The people here are so nice and great.

Wuan: Yeah. I wish Trump would get off of their asses and let them in already.

Tyler: Fuck no. I don't want any illegal beaners over there.

Wuan: You just talked about how great these people are. Now, suddenly, you hate Mexicans?

Tyler: No! I love Mexicans! I hate Mexican Americans! I was being geopolitically correct. They can thrive in or fuck up their own country if they want. But leave mine the fuck alone. I like it the way it is. I just needed a break from it is all. It's raining sensitive pansies over there what with BLM losers, Antifa, the dumbass fake metoo movement, LGBTQNBCNCISwhatever the fuck it is called babies, ILLEGAL immigrants demanding legal rights, feminazis, extreme leftists and rightists, and yada yada. I just wanted to relax, eat some authentic Mexican food, drink tequila, snort cocaine, and bang hookers.

Wuan: Ok. That last part wasn't geopolitically correct.

Tyler: Nah. That's what we call a stereotype.
by The Anticlown February 6, 2018
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