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When the thought of unprotected sex makes a grown man show emotion. The late ol' dirty bastard of the wu-tang clan recorded this iconic chorus;
Ooh, baby, I like it raw
Yeah baby, I like it raw
Ooh, baby, I like it raw
Yeah baby, I like it raw
Bob: "When Selma Pulled The Rubber off my dick a single tear came out my face that was raw emotion"
by Googlefaps.com June 13, 2019
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mexican george foreman grill but instead of a heated press device, a car or truck is used. Pop the hood of a running automobile place your meats on the highest metal points close and latch the hood then drive it around the block a few times or rev the engine in the driveway. Works best on on a preheated motor, it really knocks out the fat at 70 mph. It will look like your dripping oil onto the road but you know better then that. If you see a car getting chased by dogs, they are just making dinner. Cars run on gas, the American George foreman grill runs on wall. You cant cook authentic Mexican food on wall.
WAIT WAIT POP the clutch Maria, !! ..i thought you knew how to cook women. !

you see why i never let anyone use my jorge foreman grill, it needs a tranny and some tires.
by Googlefaps.com July 22, 2018
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"Whats her name?" or just "Name?" for short. Is the question asked under every porn video on the internet. The question we ask ourselves is this " is this guys fap so good he cant read the title"?. In society knowing a girls name is only important to her, A man doesn't need this information to survive. But in porn-life her name is truly everything and without it, a fap will end in disappointment if it ever ends at all.
Damn That Ass Is Ripe......NAME?

by Googlefaps.com October 4, 2018
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when the visual inheritance of socks adds to the sexual desire of another person. The attraction can range from plain white ankle socks to rainbow striped thigh highs. On the foot or taking them off the leg and vise versa. There is many possible variations to this fetish but as long as a sock is thought of as sexy then it constitutes a sock fetish. A sock fetish is thought to be a branch of the foot fetish fantasy tree.
John? yes dear. Why are all your socks hard, yellow, and shoved under our sofa? One of the boys must have a sock fetish. We don't have children, you moron.
by Googlefaps.com July 14, 2018
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some cartoon named doug funny talking about the beats. Nickeloadeon is all bad
Did you Dig? pshh, I Doug and Skeeter made Patty Mayonnaise.
by Googlefaps.com August 28, 2018
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Making rhythmic music while your masturbating. one of the earliest forms in the genre of fap music; example;

(non vocal)I said a hip hop the hippie the hippie
To the hip hip hop and you don't stop
The rock it to the bang bang boogie
Say up jump the boogie to the rhythm of the boogie, the beat - "One Hand Mike"

Now, what you hear is not a test, He's fapping to the beat -"Big Spank Hank"

-end --cut the lights. stop the dancers.

while on paper it may have looked like one man was rapping, he was not rapping. What you actually witnessed was one man beating off.
my grandpa use to play fappers delight for me and my brother after school. it was traumatizing to watch and it ruined my life but it was worth it. its more then music, its fap music,
by Googlefaps.com July 20, 2018
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Save As. Is Short for Save Ass. This feature is available on most operating systems and web browsers to store pictures and videos inside microchips aka spankbanks. Some websites install cock blockers to guard fap worthy treasures but working around a cock block is a google away. Text documents and other editing applications include Save as in rare cases you need to change a file extension to open with outdated porn viewing software. Sophisticated apps such as VLC media player force the fapper to learn mouse gestures and hotkeys to help operate a computer one handed.
damn shorty lookin thick as a.... +right click. Save As. . download complete. WE ON TONIGHT!
by Googlefaps.com April 29, 2019
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