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Ana: The truth of the matter is that by their words and actions, they've all managed to alienate me from them.

He said and did everything possible to alienate her because it was only a reluctantship (see Urban Dictionary Definition) on his part.

The intentional and extreme cruelty, controlling and manipulative conduct with no remorse was a clear sign of Psychopathy, something she was all too familiar with and so, it served only to alienate her. She knows that true love involves complete respect, trust, honesty, loyalty, kindness, gratitude, understanding and patience and comes with a sense of security and PEACE.
by Goddess12* December 21, 2013
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The act of giving up ones own happiness for the sake of others who may or may not be worth it or appreciate it, often the latter. Those who are ignorant of true love and are selfish, often exhibit negative emotions such as jealousy, envy, revenge, hate, anger, resentment and cannot see the sacrifice/s one has made. Those who make sacrifices usually love intensely and unconditionally and are very forgiving. They seek to understand and are considerate of others first and will do everything to show those who might also be their worst enemies, that they love them no matter what and that they have forgiven them in the hope of maintaining a close relationship with them often sacrificing the happiness they shared with someone else by giving that person up and letting that person go. While commendable and admirable, sacrifice can lead to self destruction as one is neglecting him/herself causing inner conflict which can lead to trauma exhibited by confusing, strange, irritable, ill-tempered, rebellious behavior. Sacrifice does not work to change the mass, particularly those who are selfish and controlling. One should aim for balance and compromise in ones life and in their relationships and demand mutual respect always.
Ya oustez (Sir/Teacher): I can never be with you again, I made a mistake.
Ana: I understand the sacrifice you must make and respect your decision. I love you and wish you only happiness, peace, love and success in your life.

Ya oustez calls Ana a few times, is nice, is not nice, is strange, is confused and is confusing her.

Ana calls him but is made to feel like she is bothering him.

Ana: Your being confused continues to confuse and hurt me. I will never bother you again.
by Goddess12* December 11, 2013
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No longer living; non existent.

(of an emotion) no longer felt; ended; extinguished.
For some people love turns to hate, those are the ones who seek to destroy the other. For others, it much much worse, you become dead to them...non existent. They never think or concern themselves with you anymore, all of the emotions they once felt are now completely dead. Every memory they had of time shared with you is...erased, to make room for new better, more positive, lasting memories to replace.
by Goddess12* December 22, 2013
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A catastrophic love affair between a Catholic and Coptic which, in keeping with religious observance, begins on Christmas Day and ends by Good Friday, resurrection not possible for hypocrites.
Guy 1: Hey, what was the deal with those two?
Guy 2: Oh, they had a Catholoptic Affair.
Guy 1: Are they getting back together?
Guy 2: Nah, dude was a hypocrite.
by Goddess12* December 13, 2013
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1. A particular aim, end or purpose.
2. A decisive state of circumstances.
3. The important or essential thing.
A woman of understanding might blow up with sufficient reason saying and doing things to make a valid point but she always tries to get to the point of mutual understanding and respect. She is not spiteful and never seeks to destroy anyone, she knows her worth and doesn't need to fight for anyone's attention or affection, that's pointless.

He said he'd made a mistake, she understood and although hurt she accepted it and was ready to move on with her life hoping for mutual respect so she didn't get the point of him trying to make her jealous or mocking her followed by them stalking and harassing her causing her distress.

She doesn't bother anyone. He said repeatedly 'he has his own life' and 'a disease' that most men have. She understood, appreciated his honesty and respected his decision by leaving him alone. She therefore, for the life of her, cannot see the point of them monitoring every aspect of her life.

What is the point of this? By your disrespect and utter disregard for her feelings you are trying to destroy her! You didn't want her, wasn't that the whole POINT of everything you said and did? She listened to you, respected and understood you even after you hurt her, did you do the same for her?
by Goddess12* December 22, 2013
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to bring a result opposite to that which was planned or expected.
They never learn even after all the games they play continue to backfire on them.
by Goddess12* December 22, 2013
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Something that can only be done by true love, love that is pure, innocent, limitless and eternal. What you read about in many fairy tales but occurs in real life also. A curse/spell occurs when others who are very selfish, discontent, and disturbed are driven by jealousy and envy of someone they wish to be like or with performs cast a spell or through evil thoughts/wishes emit negative energy aimed at destroying the victim and their happiness, usually accompanied by wicked/malicious actions toward the victim. Victims usually radiate beauty, love, joy, peace, cheerfulness, magic, light, all that is good and pure. Victims are usually very kind, caring, helpful, gentle, merciful, compassionate, understanding, patient, tolerant, considerate, forgiving, indiscriminate, friendly, affectionate, humble, pure and innocent but often naive. They know themselves, what they want, how to be happy and love deeply. They are often very gifted, intelligent, beautiful, talented and romantic with a connection to the Divine/Universe. A victim under a curse/spell will come across as being flawed in some way. When the victim's true love appears in their life they will see them for who they really are and recognize that they are under a curse/spell and being just like them will never give up but will fight to overcome all evil and all obstacles loving the victim without condition, overlooking their flaws, forgiving their mistakes, thereby setting them free and breaking the curse/spell.
Sadeaky: You should stay away from him, he is an unlucky guy with nothing to his name.

Ana: No he is under a curse/spell from those who are jealous and envious of him and do not wish to see him happy, I too have been cursed for the same reason. I do not care about the past or the mistakes we've made, I do not care if he has nothing, I care only for him. I love him with a love that is true, pure, innocent and eternal. *Magical noise/music...curse/spell is broken.* Ana's King appears and she falls to his feet.

Sadeaky: I was really wrong, he is a very lucky guy and the man with everything.

The King is no longer scared, grabs Ana by the shoulder and raises her to him. Looking into her eyes he opens himself up to loving Ana with a love that is true, pure, innocent and eternal and having decided he is ready to fight all evil and obstacles to be with her, he kisses her breaking the curse/spell . *Magical noise/music...curse/spell is broken.* She becomes his Queen.

The King, Ana the Queen and their children, extended family and friends live happily ever after teaching others what true love means. THE END.
by Goddess12* December 11, 2013
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