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In American football, a field goal attempt. Commonly mistaken for "fag attack".
by Glo December 24, 2005
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short for penis, mainly used to describe ballers like chris douglas
chris your a peen
by Glo November 19, 2002
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Intentional mispelling of plz, or please. Rather than sounding polite, it tends to be placed at the end of derogatory phrases. I was first to use it, therefor you must pay me royalties whenever using it in your daily leet speak.
by Glo December 16, 2003
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a counterstrike clan led by stup!D or p00kie along with thL, Hoon?, sOuLjA, N!SM0, m!sS r!EnE, and BabY KiSsEz
by Glo February 14, 2005
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Used in greeting, or, more commonly, acknowledging the presence of some hawt ass.
TopicStarter: imgCarmen Electra/img
Spammar: hi2u.
by Glo January 26, 2004
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Deliberate misspelling for no. usually in all capitals.
by Glo December 12, 2003
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in lancaster pa and some other places. and horse with a carrage like thing attached to the back full of amish people
oh shit i think i just hit a horse and buggy!
by Glo April 14, 2005
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