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Someone who u are playing human fall flat with and they grab u and throw u off a cliff.
Person 1: No! Kyle stop! Your such a bully!
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A drink that gives you ultimate power and makes you the best at something for a limited time. It is mainly just a phrase. You can buy it at Funky's fly and buy. Or his shack.
Donkey: Dude the Texans are losing by to much!
Scrooge: Ya, they're are gonna need to get some Nintendo Juice to win this one.
by Give the moose his food, Eli December 5, 2019
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Video Games-VG’s-Veggies
It’s all about Translating.
Nerd 1: Let’s play some veggies Dallas!
Nerd 2: Ya!
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One that is capable of destroying all the loopholes in ones search history.
Jack: dude, my older brother's friend is a master of disguise!
Tom: Lucky! I got grounded because I didn't know his magic!
by Give the moose his food, Eli September 15, 2019
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I am El Bruh
If you no hablo espanol, El Bruh in English is.... The Bruh
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Basically a gladiator hell. You die and fight some fag and if you win he's double fag and you get released. If he wins you are double fag, and your teammates have to buy you out.
I won in the gulag!
Man that guy sucks.
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when a guy has the longest boner possible and need to take a crap, and when they sit down on the toilet, the penis goes over the toilet seat, and worrying that they might piss off the seat so they need to lean over super far to get their penis in the toilet area.
Your best friend outside the bathroom: HOW LOW CAN YOU GO!
You: SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Give the moose his food, Eli September 15, 2019
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