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the way of giving someone rejection.
can also be accompanied by a hand gesture where all four fingers are closed together and the hand pointed at the person who is "taking meats".
Dave: "Apparently the world's going to end!"
Bob: "No it's not, meats!"
by gilo December 02, 2004

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The slightly more polite way of saying a W@nk3r.
"My son's heading for a life in the pits; all he wants to do is be a merchant banker in the toilets.
by gilo December 02, 2004

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a verb to express your dislike of doing something, (the opposite of want)
Originated from Winchester College.
Can be exaggerated by adding extra 'a's
"Do you want to go to the cinema?"
"No, I waant"

"Do you want to go out with me?"
"No, I waaaaaaaaant!!!"
by gilo December 04, 2004

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an oriental man's penis referring to its smaller size.
optionally used just to refer to a small penis
"take a look at that guys chinky pinky"
by Gilo November 26, 2012

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a response that can be used for any question if you do not know a suitable answer. "Nabunde" is the negative response.
Q: what are the migrational characteristics of a llama?
A: Bunde.

Q: are you gay?
A: Nabunde.
by gilo December 01, 2004

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another way of saying meats
you got 4/20 in the test? Ah!!! Mittos!
by gilo December 02, 2004

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irritating. usually when a short person is the one being irritating
{your younger brother is p*ssing you off}
"Stop being so small!"
by gilo December 02, 2004

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