A mental asylum for sexually confused fascists who believe it’s appropriate to treat women as you would treat a doormat and whose egos are too fragile to ever admit that they were rejected by a girl (see St Swithun’s)
The Winchester college boys seem really nice but 9/10 turn out to be dicks
by We have experience October 15, 2019
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An Independent Boys' Boarding School in Hampshire which takes the brightest people from all over the world and sticks them together in a confined space perhaps only to see the maelstrom of genius and homosexuality that ensues. It is generally acknowledged that Winchester College is the best school in England and possibly the world. It is famous for its academic tradition, age (founded 1383) and alumni (including 1 PM). Also famous for its 'Notions', words and general goings-on peculiar to the school.
Wykehamist (Someone who goes to Winchester College) 1: Can we toll to Gunner's hole?
Normal guy 1: Huh?
Wykehamist 2: Goive, let's bogle.
Normal guy 1: Sorry what?
Wykehamist 3: That would be naize, we could have a turst on the way - but bunter! - I'm aeg and have yet to recover ful broad...
Normal guy 1: No idea what you're talking about but can I come?
Wykehamist 1: Oh waaant, fiiine! But only if you answer this question: how many fish are there in Log. pond?
Normal guy 1: fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
by JealousHarrovian May 20, 2012
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