5 definitions by Ggbeltram

An item of clothing in which a commonly banal statement is heat transferred, silk screened or embossed across the breast bone.
"Hooter girls are notorious for their TITvertising."
by Ggbeltram April 1, 2008
The eerie feeling that something has NEVER happened before.
Whoa! Vu ja de, man. This has definitely never happened before!
by Ggbeltram April 20, 2008
The Facebook equivalent of Drunk Dialing, or drunk texting/sexting.
"Oh, man. I got wasted last night and just realized I may have been Drunkbooking late-night. No..."
by Ggbeltram April 13, 2009
"Man, my Bitchster is calling again! I'm just going to keep blowing her bitch-ass off."
by Ggbeltram March 31, 2008
Any micro-organisms, germs, microbes, organisms, pathogens, viruses found on gym equiptment surfaces after being used by a sweaty, fat, smelly, man who you will never see at the gym again.
Ugh, that Chris-Farley-on-coke looking guy put his crotch on that abducter machine and didnt wipe it off! And he's not wearing underwear! Eeew! His gymnasties are everywhere!
by Ggbeltram May 10, 2006