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A crotch enhancement seen on the screen during a full body scan. It may offer protection from the rays or, with males, the appearance of being well endowed to the stranger checking you out for explosives.
"If you're flying back home from Amsterdam you best wear a scrodpiece"

" Bruce's lead scrodpiece lit up the scanner like a Christmas tree."
by Gerivan January 08, 2010

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a sponge soaked in vinegar
"Jees I'm thirsty. Flavius, could you get me a Roman thirst quencher?
by gerivan October 09, 2010

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Someone who finds Census workers irresistible objects of desire.
Simone is a total censophiliac. She's even aroused by the questions on the form.
by Gerivan February 12, 2010

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remarking on a woman's breasts, usually in a snarky way.
What's "America's Next Top Model" without rack opinion sneering? I ask you.
by Gerivan July 22, 2010

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A scary professor derailed from the tenure track.
Once the word gets out that acadwhack, Dr. Nutella, didn't get tenure this campus will be on lockdown again.
by gerivan February 22, 2010

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