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Like the other definitions, a mild sweary word, but used as a get-out when you start to say "fuck" somewhere you can't. Often has a bit of a stutter at the start. Very similar to "sugar", in the sense Lucinda Green used it on television when a British horse missed a fence at the Olympic showjumping.
Oh f-f-fiddlesticks!
by George Icbar November 18, 2003

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German word meaning "journey" but can have interesting effects when combined with other words (as the Germans are so good at doing).

Common sightings will be:

Fahrtplan - either a timetable or a menu including a lot of methane rich foods.

Extrafahrt - either an additional run of a bus or tram over part of a route or a particularly pungent anal emission.
See above
by George Icbar November 23, 2003

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East Kilbride, South Lanarkshire, Scotland. All the road junctions are roundabouts, so look like Polo Mints, legendary British ring shaped sweet.
I'm going up to Polo Mint City tomorrow.
by George Icbar November 18, 2003

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Mad, but not as mad as barking mad. On the District Line of the London Underground, East Ham is the station immediately west of Barking.
You're East Ham, you are! One stop short of Barking!
by George Icbar August 18, 2005

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A general term of insult, a particular favourite of Captain Haddock, the real hero of the TinTin stories.
"Kleptomaniac" Bashi-Bazouk! Ten thousand blistering barnacles in a thundering typhoon!"
by George Icbar November 19, 2003

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A term of general disgust. Usually reserved for gross situations like someone eating vomit etc. Can be found on Frank Zappa's "Florida Airport Tape".
"He saved the big pieces of vomit in case he might be hungry later".
"Razzo-rizzo, can't he have a burger like everyone else?"
by George Icbar November 18, 2003

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