(adj)descriptive word used to describe a person who swears excessivly.
You are really sweary.
by Microbe March 11, 2005
Mistaken meaning for a line in TI's lyrics for "What You Know." He is not referring to drugs. He is referring to how uncool (square) someone is. The person that he is referring is worse than square; he is cube (which is made up of six squares). Therefore, this person is square x 6= VERY uncool. Clever lyric!

"You never carry tools/ Not even square, he cube"
What in the hell is a sweary Q?
by ziophocles September 19, 2008
A very erect penis that causes the female to swear profusely during an act of intercourse.

Should not be confused with the religious-stick which generally leads to biblical quotes such as "God, god, oh my Gawd" or "Jesus"
Do you think the sweary-stick will be coming out tonight
by Dr Cameron June 15, 2011
Mistaken lyric from the T.I. song "What you know about that".

"You never carry tools not even square, he cube"

Cubes being shrooms and Squares being LSD

Sweary Qs aren't anything.
by DaveAF October 21, 2006
8th of an ounce, small amount of cocaine and or Weed, if ya don't know now ya know,
...Normaly called a square...
Ya never carry tools (weapons) not even sweary q's (dope)...by T.I.

Don't know if he is saying sweary or squarey but its all the same, its a square/8th of dope.
by txpimp January 23, 2008
the act of a man shits on a grill cooks it to perfection then force feeds it to his sister in law
jack, i gave your wife a rusty sweary
by joe we May 17, 2008
A person who Swears a lot, vary common sign of low intellect.
Bob: I hate that piece of s***
Jill: Wow Bob is such a Swearie
by XRaptor267 February 18, 2023