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In the Twitterverse, the Twitter MILF is the modern day woman who can do it all. She can impart her wisdom in less than 140 characters, enthrall with her beauty in a 73 pixel avatar, and raise children! Indeed, she is a Twitter Mother I'd Like to Follow...
Did you see Britney Spears' tweet about going on tour with her kids? She's Twitter MILF!
by Gee Why March 2, 2009
Isn't there a flash flood advisory for the entire county? It's absolutely gorgeous weather outside! Must be the weatherologist gave a fauxcast.
by Gee Why November 13, 2009
Time is precious and who has time to read long reviews? Get right to the point with Twitter-sized testimonials that tell it like it is.
Did you see my twestimonial giving props to Chris Pirillo? @chrispirillo is the geek's geek who pwns all of nerdom. He's the mayor of #awesometown!
by Gee Why August 11, 2009
to titivate your status on Twitter by getting celebrities to follow you.
I busted my ass to twitivate but upped my Twitter cred by adding @guykawasaki, @THE_REAL_SHAQ, @kevinrose, @britneyspears, @scobleizer, @lancearmstrong, and @darthvader as followers!
by Gee Why January 31, 2009
to register numerous Twitter accounts to reserve popular names. Like domain squatting but for Twitter.
I just twuatted @united @unitedairlines @apple @google. They've been pwned!
by Gee Why January 21, 2009