3 definitions by Gary W.

Injecting into your arm with a needle heroin that has been disolved in water without boiling it.


Cold Shot = Heroin disolved in water without boiling

Hoop = Slang for heroin
Lyrics from Dynamite Hack's song Boys In The Hood:

"Cruisin' down the street in my 6-fo'
Jockin' the bitches, slappin' the hoe's
I went to the park to get the scoop
Knuckle-heads out there cold shootin' some hoop
A car pulls up, who can it be?
The fresh El Camino rollin Kilo G
He rolls down the window and he starts to say
It's all about makin' that G.T.A."
by Gary W. February 21, 2004
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A Pundalist is a journalist who presents his opinions and worldview as facts.
The word derives from the words "Pundit" and "Journalist"
Journalists used to just give us the facts, while the pundits did a separate job.
Now, many journalists write articles which are biased, and are filtered through their worldview.

There are many "pundalists" in the media today.
Many reside at FOX, the BBC, CNN, The Washington Post, and other news outlets.
Robert Fisk, Orla Guerin, John "Blanks" Kampfner, Nicholas Kristoff, Dana Priest, Anne Applebaum, Gary Younge, John Pilger, are notorious Pundalists.

The media is now full of these propagandists.
by Gary W. June 02, 2004
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Derived from Jessica Alba, one of the most beautiful women on Earth. Face, tits, ass, legs all delicious.

An "Alba" is a very cute, gorgeous young brunette with a fabulous body.
"That's a hot little Alba over there..."

"There are so many horny Alba's in College!"
by Gary W. June 02, 2004
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