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Gorgeous dark haired male, with dark seductive eyes and ugly red shoes. Very opinionated and has a nice voice.
You remind me of the Philosophy guy.
by Gargoyle August 13, 2003
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Roleplay in some way pertaining to age. Sometimes this is "infantilism", which is adults acting as babies. There are all ages.. this can also include schoolgirl or schoolboy with headmaster or headmistress, and every conceivable age in between.
John: Is my little girl ready to play with the big-boys?
Mary: I'm not into regression, get the hell away you perv.
by Gargoyle September 16, 2005
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a place... where the wild things are
the UP
by gargoyle October 29, 2003
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George W. Bush! Need I say more?
If there is such a thing as the antichrist, Bush is IT!
by gargoyle September 10, 2005
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