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To have sexual intercourse with a female on her period. To "part the red sea with your staff" as moses did.
Like earning your red wings, only with your penis.
Dude1: Dude, last night I was bangin' this chick, and I thought she was just super wet. Turns out I had been Mosesing her the whole time! My dick was covered in blood and the whole bed looked like a post-murder crime scene!
Dude2: Dude, that's sick!
Dude3: Hey man, at least you didn't get your red wings.
by Ganjaninja1031 August 30, 2016
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Like sperm, but dumb. They are faster than your run-of-the-mill sperm, but carry one less chromosome. A man's sperd count is inversely related to his intelligence. This phenomenon explains how smart parents sometimes produce dumb offspring, and why dumb fathers often create dumb kids.
Alan: Man, my son is such an idiot. He must be one of those sperd kids.

Mike: Have you ever considered that maybe you only produce sperd, Alan?

Alan: Well what's that supposed to mean?

Mike: Exactly.
by Ganjaninja1031 November 12, 2019
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A redneck measurement of power. The equation is (Bhp + ft-lbs torque)/22.8.
Billybob: My truck has got some major balls!
Bubba: How many?
Billybob: Well, (325 hp+450ftlbs)/22.8= 34 balls!
by Ganjaninja1031 March 29, 2016
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