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A guy who looks like he needs a shave!
Did you see that good looking guy over there? Yeah, but he sure needs a date with a razor!
by Gamecocklady March 26, 2014

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overweight, fat, obsese
Eddie's wife sure got high wide and heavy after they were married!
by Gamecocklady November 19, 2013

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People that slow down when they see an accident in the road just to see what's going on often causing the people behind them to blare their horn at them to move on down the road!

Happens a lot of times on the Interstates and the speed limit is 60-70wpm!
Everytime we head up to Interstate 40 there is a accident on our side of the road and a Gaper's Block is sure to be seen!
by Gamecocklady October 29, 2013

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