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A resistence against the Irkens in the year 2250 that consists of 36 humans and one opposing Irken named Invader Jiss. They Fight's main goal is to steal all the technology advancements they can from the Irken Technology Research Facilities on planet Earth. Their current main point of focus is pilfering Pak Tech advancements.
Intergalactic At Five alien announcer lady: "And so They Fight has struck yet another blow at the Irken Technology Research Facilities, but Irken officials still say they only consider them a minor nuisanse."
by GalaxyDancer April 21, 2005

2. Describing a person who is a complete and total loser who tries to fit in even though they have little chances of this ever happening.

3. A nonsense word with no real meaning that is enjoyable to pronounce multiple times.
Popular kid: "Don't be such a squain!"
by GalaxyDancer May 22, 2005
The abbreviated term for "Fanart Central".
Yea I posted a few piccies on FAC yesterday.
by GalaxyDancer May 22, 2005
An add-on to the internet lingo word lol, basically. LOLLASC stands for "Laughing Out Loud Like A Stupid Cat" (ref- Teacher's Pet, episode "One Dog's Junk"). Almost never used except for people who have seen the episode.
person1: -and then I said "shut up you heffer!"

person2: lollasc that's funny considering she's not fat!
by GalaxyDancer April 16, 2005
A combo of the words "Japan" and "laser". A Japser is a weapon used in 2250. Japsers were created by the Japanese after Earth was taken over by the Irkens (ref- Invader Zim). First sed in GalaxyDancer's fanfic "Down Came The Rain" (www.fanart-central.net/stories.php?sid=11875)
"But it doesn't matter now, because I'm never going back. Ever. I will kill myself with a Japser first."

by GalaxyDancer April 16, 2005
1. A random word with no true meaning, commonly used as an insult. Thought up by using a special encoding form to encode a list of words.

2. The encoded form of the words "I love Zim", encoded using Oced Myslob version 1.
"Oh, Volimize all of you!!" ~definition 1
by GalaxyDancer May 8, 2005
The nickname given to Invader Zim (created by Jhonen Vasquez) by obsessed fangirls who think he's cute. Also typed as "Zimmeh", with the same definition.
aw porr zimmy*steals zim and runs*i wont let her be mean to u anymore my favorite little green alien boy!its a great pic again it looks like the real show itself great job!

~actual comment by an actual person about a picture on Fanart Central.
by GalaxyDancer April 16, 2005