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In this context the word "cut" is used to describe a verbal attack on the "Bitch" in question which can be a man or a woman. Usually done when the person cutting is in a bad mood and the Bitch has rubbed them up the wrong way.
"He was just being so annoying so I had to Cut a Bitch"

"Nobody better be banging on about how awesome Taylors stupid party was tonight, or I'm gonna hev to Cut a Bitch"
by GagaOhLaLa March 09, 2010
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A female who normally would never be considered a suitable partner due to her general appearance or demeanour, but at the end of a night of unsucessful lady-hunting, suddenly becomes more appealing as a last resort at 3am.
"Did you see the ugly girl Dave went home with on saturday night?"
"Urgh yes, total 3 o'clock Princess"

"Those girls are hot, lets go over and talk to them"
"No way, that girls hot, but her friend's a 3 o'clock Princess, it's too early in the night to take that grenade.
by GaGaOhLaLa March 26, 2010
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n. A place on your body that is so sensitive to the touch that you go into a flailing spasaming panic if it comes into contact with anything.
"QUIT DUTCH RUDDERING MY BUTTHOLE OF THE NORTH GODDAMNIT!" he exclaimed in a panic as I used his hand to rub the spot repeatedly.
by Gagaohlala October 08, 2014
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To have done something lively worth talking about rather than your usual daily/weekly activities. The person who has done these activities is the one who has lived.
Christine "What did you do this weekend?"
Gemma "I went to that gig with that guy then we stayed out drinking"
Christine "You have lived!"

Yasmin "This weekend I just watched TV and visited my gran. I have not lived."
by GaGaOhLaLa February 14, 2011
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A response to a story in which someone has had something bad happen to them, or been cut - a way of recognising that what has happened is terrible, but reserving the right to be sympathetic.
Guy 1 "I organised a night out with everyone, and Tim didn't text me back. Then it turned out everyone went round to Tim's that night so only me and Steve ended up meeting and going out. "

Guy 2 "What a cut"


Guy 1 to passing friend "Hi!"
no response
Guy 2 "what a cut"
by GaGaOhLaLa May 14, 2010
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The force that causes people who work together to form an attraction and/or relationship, mainly due to the fact that they spend so much of their waking time together at work.
"Dave and Laura have started going out, how did that happen?"
"Oh they worked at a bar together"
"Ah, Copy Room Fever"

"I think I have a crush on the new girl at work"
"Do you really like her, or is it just Copy Room Fever?"
by GagaOhLaLa February 18, 2010
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