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A hispanic/spanish/latin mini-mart, kind of like a 7-11, but usually smaller and more like a liquor store atmosphere. Commonly used term on the east coast, especially in the New York City region, where you will find many of these. The word came from the actual spanish word for "grocery store" - la bodega.
Go to the corner bodega and get a couple of 40s.
by Gabriella June 23, 2004

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To make an early exit without saying good-bye
Cinderella made a French exit from the ball.
by Gabriella January 08, 2005

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comes from the greek meaing messenger. mhaving fun,enjoyment,bitching out sometimes.may also mean punkish
I am having a gabby moment.
by Gabriella February 27, 2005

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When something is weirdly awkward. Combination of "awkward" and "weird".
Guy one walks into his shared dorm. Find his male roomate dressing himself as a woman.

Guy one: Ok..This is totally awkweird...I'll be going.
Roomate: Uhm...it's not what you think.
by Gabriella May 21, 2005

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a lip-syncher is a person who mimes on stage in a concert e.g britney spears and maddona.
britney spears and maddona
by GABRIELLA October 11, 2004

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a person who acts "loose", who is unpopular. combination of "loose" and "loser"
Look at that lady running around screaming...what a loosah!
by Gabriella February 21, 2005

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shameless, ouvert brutality
his brutesse was beyond the pale
by gabriella April 26, 2005

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