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When someone interrupts you while you are talking but what they have to say has nothing to do with what you were talking about. Someone who talks out of turn.
ME: My boss fired me the other day because I kept interrupting him when he was trying to tell me what to do.

YOU: Sounds like you suffer from Premature Articulation.
by GD Daddy for Trixy September 24, 2019
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This came from using Spanish and English. Or Spanglish. Como estàs means "How are you?" And everyone knows frijoles are beans. And when you put it together... Como estàs fijole"or "Como sta Frijole." for short, it's means HOW YOU BEAN?
When I got to work this morning I greeted Hector and Pablo with "Como estàs frijole?" And they replied "fijole bueno". Or that they are "Bean Good" or doing fine.
by GD Daddy for Trixy December 17, 2022
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it is the act of a man sticking his tongue in your poop hole.
she told me to preform cunnilingous and tounge her pussy, instead I gave her boscolingus and tounged her butt hole.
by GD Daddy for Trixy December 2, 2012
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God Damn Daddy is like bowling alley talk and GD Daddy is the Kingpin. "Come on Gd Daddy, get another strike. Who's yer daddy... who's yer God damn daddy?
There goes GD Daddy. He's so cool he's the 'Mack Daddy's' daddy.
by GD Daddy for Trixy August 24, 2023
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