3 definitions by G7RacMil

Emily is a girl that is smart and quiet. She gets some of the best marks in the class but doesn't tell anyone because she's humble. Don't tell her secrets because, while she will not tell anyone, she will hint at it and give it away. Ex: If you tell Emily you have a crush, she will tell the person "Someone has a crush on you." Then, she will tell them it's her as a joke. Ha ha Emily. She enjoys riding narwhals and pretending to hit her friends.
Stop acting like an Emily! We're not all smart like you.
Oh my god. That girl over there in the corner is such an Emily.
by G7RacMil December 4, 2017
A person who asks for one picture, but one really means 5 thousand. She takes pictures of everything, including every meal. She plays favourites with her relatives and thinks she's the smartest person in the room.
Why are you such a marylou? That was very marylouish of you.
by G7RacMil December 4, 2017
A man who enjoys wearing colourful scarves and glasses. He loves Geography and Social Sciences. He stutters a lot but has a loving family. His students do not like him because he failed half of them, and the other half, he gave unlucky marks (555, 666, 777)
You are a very big carminati. I do not understand this carminatious person.
by G7RacMil December 4, 2017