19 definitions by G money

An insult refering to one's physical strength or body size.
Liz is a poon.(If Liz is very skinny).
by G Money May 15, 2003
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dirty ass mexican, whole is a porno holic
danny the mexican bedos
by g money October 16, 2004
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Numerical value for Twenty (20). Rarely used, as it can not be substitued for twenty in all cases
Yo, spot me a twinkie, dog.
He had a red Monte-Carlo sittin' on twinkies.
by G money May 24, 2003
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1. Term of endearment used between two Hispanics

2. Term used by non-Hispanics to stereotype hispanics who they consider to be illegal aliens.

3. What happens when a person appearing to be white is discovered to be Mexican...ie "beanered out"
1. "Hey Beaner get your ass over here and help me jump my car"

2. "Those Beaners in front of Home Depot scare me Mildred,are you sure they can lay our tile?"

3. "Guess what honey, I found out Lynda Carter and Ted Williams were both Mexican. They've been "beanered out"."
by G Money March 04, 2006
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someone who doesnt have the ability to control his/her actions. one who submits, and yes the greatest thing to ever come out of kings park
Holy fucking shit! ClockWork just ripped up the stage and made children bleed.
by g money June 03, 2003
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