17 definitions by Fuzzybuzzzz

The Kardashians are so into S&M!

I didn't used to be into S&M untill Chris Pratt became a Christian.
If S&M is to be believed, Melania Trump is using a body double for public appearances that she can't be bothered with.
by Fuzzybuzzzz March 13, 2019
Lies that make a defeat look like a victory.
The president claimed a Trumpian Victory even as his entire senior diplomatic staff testified about his criminal conduct regarding withholding funds from the Ukrainian government.
by Fuzzybuzzzz November 22, 2019
The practice of being extremely engaging and intimate with someone online, then disappearing with no explanation.
After several hundred instances of Gushing and Ghosting, Marcia decided to take down her Tinder profile.
by Fuzzybuzzzz April 10, 2019
Staged and artificial pictures, videos and events that are played off as spontaneous
Your supposedly candid vacation selfies reek of spontaneosity
by Fuzzybuzzzz August 22, 2019