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This word in "slag" means a person who likes to lick asscheacks or take it in the butt, alot of people don't know that but its true, so the next time you hear some one say "YOUR A FEAK" say "You like to lick ass cheaks?"
DJ Assault:
Hoes thats what I got
Bitches got more then you got
Freaks that like to lick asscheacks
and I got sluts that take it in the butt
by Funsocks April 12, 2005
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Mr.Funsocks means one of two things:

1.) A sock that you masterbate in and then put it on your friend's face while he's sleeping and then take pictures and put it on the internet.

2.) The coolest guy in the world with the most creative name in the world
Examples in order

1.) Paul: Dude! I put Mr.Funsocks on John last night!
Dustin: Did he lick it?!?!

2.) Mr.Funsocks will kill you in Halo 2, and cnc
by Funsocks May 28, 2006
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Sprite might be one of the best sodas around. Sprite was introduced in 1961 from Coca-Cola after the public wanted something new. Ever since then, Sprite has been showing up in fancy dinning rooms and gethos alike. Sprite is the one and only thing that black and white people can share and talk about.
Black Person: Yo, This B Good Shiznet
White Person: Indeed
by Funsocks August 21, 2005
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The "lepercon: (or so she thinks) that is the leader of St. Ursula School " SrJoan is a freak and takes it in the butt bye Ms.Berry she just needs to die so we can have off school!
Sr.Joan walked around naked yesterday
by Funsocks April 11, 2005
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A game bye Blizzard, (Blaizzard is gay cause it rejected the starcraft mod for CnC) any way WC3 is gay, only dorks with glasses play this game, I you have it you are
2.a dork
3.CnC Hater
WOW! he is gay, he must play WC3
by Funsocks April 13, 2005
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