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Small white crust that forms in the corners of old peoples lips.
Grandma had a Boggabri a minute ago.... but appears to have lost it somewhere over the custard she just brought to the table.
by FunBags August 06, 2005

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Descriptive name for the dull thudding sound that a joke makes when it hits the forehead of an engineer or scientist.
I told that poindexter a killer joke and all I could hear was a dolzop and crickets... dude was dead at the wheel!
by FunBags August 06, 2005

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Descriptive word for the short sucking sound that your penis makes when it detatches from your scrotum when you get a lecture fat.
I knew I was in trouble when I heard a ribwinkle two minutes before the end of my biology lecture. Running through the college with a pants tent to your next lecture is a real drag.
by FunBags August 06, 2005

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Small plug of faecal matter that is expelled with ejaculant onto a porn-star's back at the "climax" of a poo-tube segment in a movie. May be seen regularly in either straight or gay porn. Both irritating and unsightly, the winnet is a real mood killer.... hence, its dual use in describing a turd, weasel, arsehole BMW driver, or other annoying fool.
Eddie: "I can't believe it.... all I asked him for was a couple of hours off to take my kid to the hospital!"
Mike: "Don't sweat it Eddie, the guy is just a winnet. We will work something out for you."

Examples of common winnets: Paris Hilton, Ray Romano, most minor bureaucrats, and many politicians.
by FunBags September 03, 2005

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