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1. Anything with an usual large amount of mass. 2. An overweight, cocky, and egoistic player in the NBA who plays center for the Miami Heats. Also known for having a feud with NBA star Kobe Bryant who allegedly called Shaq fat, obese, and a cry-baby. 3. A role model for obesed people. These fat people are also the ones who tend to purchase Shaq jerseys.
Person1: Hey look at that guy wearing a Shaq jersey
Person2: Yeah man, he's massive!

Kid: Dude, you better lose some serious weight or you might end up dead.
Chubby Kid: Nah, you wrong man, just look at how sexy Shaq is! I wanna grow up to be just like him!

Farmer: Betta find me a hog for dinner...oh wow, I really found meself a hog this time! It's massive, no... it's gigantic, nah...it's a Shaquille O'neal! Man, this hog's gonna last me for 40 months!
by Fuck you April 24, 2005
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Someone who is highly ugly and has warts covering his anus.
Damn that Bill Minnucci is a huge hiddepie.
by Fuck you December 08, 2003
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that word means big lips in italian you dumb shit; or in other words nigger fucking foongalate
fuck you you one eyed foongalate
by Fuck you February 23, 2005
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Don't you wish there was a key on the keyboard that says "Fuck It"
Ahh I messed up on my essay 5 times. *Hit's the 'Fuck It' button*
by Fuck you December 25, 2003
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