4 definitions by Frxstyyy

A skill based battle against 2 teams, to show who is better than the other. This can either be in a 2v2 or 3v3 battle.
by Frxstyyy July 26, 2020
Going full aggressive in a game, typically battle royals.
Im about to wkey this kid.
by Frxstyyy July 27, 2020
Group of people that never lose clan wars.
Team Kamikaze: Yo let's clan war Team Impulse.
Also Team Kamikaze: Nah we're gonna lose for sure it's fucking Team Impulse they dont lose clan wars.
by Frxstyyy July 22, 2020
A very nice person that owns a gaming team, named Team Impulse.
Cucumber: Hey frxst is a very nice person.
Ryan: Yes i agree, he is a very good owner.
by Frxstyyy July 25, 2020