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In the Star Wars universe Darth Maul was the founder and owner of the Maulmart store chain. Maulmart put many stores out of business.
Jedi 1: "Did you hear about the new Maulmart sale?"

Jedi 2: "No....What kind of sale?"

Jedi 1: "Darth Maul, the founder and owner, is dead and now they are having a "50% off everything in stock" sale at Maulmart"

Jedi 2: "Great! Now I can afford a new lightsaber"

Count Dooku: "Lord Sidious....I have good news. The war has begun"

Sidious: "Everything is going as I have foreseen. Now get the ship ready. They are having a "Half-Off everything in stock" sale at Maulmart"
by FrodoBagginz May 02, 2011
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