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The life of a person who is more extreme than goth that has been living this way for most of their lives. Basically it's the way that person lives their life with heavy makeup, dark clothing, and a lot of body piercings.
tim: bob, why are you emo?
bob: i've been this way for like. . . ever.
tim: why do you enjoy piercing your face and cutting your self
bob: this is my emo life. if you dont like it. . . . . i wont care. cuz that's the way i live
by Lizzi-Alice April 17, 2010
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An Emo's Life:

Part One: Emofication.

An emo's life begins in middle or high school usually with a trip to the mall or on myspace.
At the mall they pass by a Hot Topic and look inside. The shitty clothes they see looks good in their fucked up eyes so they buy some.
They are searching around on Myspace and find one of the many emos on that godforsaken site and think they look cool. They "befriend" them and ask them where they got their clothes and go off to Hot Topic to buy some.

Now that they have the looks of course some normal kids insult them, causing the pussy to go into a state of placebo depression.

Part 2: Placebo Depression.

After the Emofication they slip into a fake self-fueled hate only kept going by the constant Emo Bashing (Which is he only thing really keeping them emo) They get on some anti-depressants. Listen to shitty horrid music and then discover an emos best friend....

Part 3: The Razor.

They find out from one of their emo "friends" on Myspace how to cut like only an emo can. Also they may learn how to pla 2 notes on guitar and usually write poems or draw shitty pictures of bleeding hearts and black roses.

Part 4: Growing Up.

As the emo grows the fuck up, they relize that the emo "sub-culture" is bullshit and they go buy some normal clothes and stop doing gay emo shit.

And that ends the emo life. Unless of course they get the balls to take the Emo Exit Strategy
Emo To Be: Hmmmm.... These clothes look rad!
Emo To Be: La De Do Da De off to school for mee....
Normal Kid: Dude what the FUCK are you wearing? Are you fucked up in the head? Go fucking home and cry to your mommy and fucking cut yourself ya godamned emo!
Emo writes some poems..... gets a Myspace..... Cuts
Emo Out Of High school: Wait a second.... What am I doing? I look like shit, I need to pull my shit together....

So ends another Emo Life.
by Dr. Crowley June 18, 2009
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