Niggar:hey joe that hoe ass crack head cracker that be frontin while Dippin through our ject got yapped for his timbs. Friend: oh shit that hoe ass be soft like Nicki's ass fore her ass got shethered by Remy. Niggar:next time I see him I'm got yap him up with dis semi. Friend:niggar u raw like ski slopes
To get robbed,jacked or jocked or fucked or yapped
by crooked lye February 27, 2017
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To make your mates go for 'one drink' with the secret and devious intention of having many more and becoming loosely drunk before hitting the town.
Charlie: "does anyone want to go to the pub on this lovely Tuesday night?"
Frank: "yeah, but I know you are trying to get me yapped and then I'll end up frazzed"
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by Fraz June 05, 2016
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