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The professional's version of Facebook for use as a career networking tool. You have a "public profile" that corresponds to a Facebook "wall." Instead of "friends", you have "connections." You gain access to the connections of your connections unless they "hide" them and you can hide yours. When you have a connection, you have their contact information. You can have professional recommendations posted on your page.

LinkedIn is also a frequently used sock puppet for identity thieves. Never accept connections from people you don't know. Never put your real physical address into the contact section; give an e-mail address and an unlisted telephone number.

LinkedIn is also a tool that many recruiters (scalpers/headhunters) use in a dishonest manner. Their attempts to connect with you are phishing expeditions to get your connection list. The job that they claim to have is nearly always fake; it is bait, if you accept their connection you will never hear from them again or they will tell you that the job is filled. Recruiters always hide all their connections so you get nothing from them (all take and no give)

Ignore any offer for connections from a recruiter. If you want to contact them, do so outside of LinkedIn. Read their public profile (many recruiters have contact information there). If so, call or Email directly (use unlisted phone). If not, send an InMessage through LinkedIn giving them only an Email address and an unlisted phone number.
LinkedIn can be a useful tool to keep up with your professional contacts
by Former Wyeth Again December 4, 2011
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Republicans who choose not to vote in their party's own primary when that contest is largely predetermined; but to vote in the Democratic Primary for the purpose of causing the Democrats to be stuck with running an nonviable or badly mauled candidate in the general election. They are "feckless voters" and "fake Democrats" for the primary election who plan to vote for the Republican candidate in the general election. This strategy can backfire if the Republicans choose the "wrong" candidate in their primary, and the Democrats can use the same strategy in reverse to produce a nonviable Republican candidate for the General Election.
The Dummycrats tried to use Hillary Clinton to harrass Obama in `08, and the Dems tried to get revenge with Santorum in 2012.
by Former Wyeth Again March 19, 2013
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Acronym for Targeted Regulation of Abortion Providers. A State law designed to circumvent a Federal law in favor of someone's narrow political agenda. In this particular case, laws that would likely force all of a state's abortion clinics to close down by forcing them to comply with conditions that are impossible to fullfill, such as requiring all physicians performing abortions to have admitting privileges at a local hospital when all local hospitals are unwilling to grant them based on the fact that they are abortion providers. This kind of politics is a danger sign that the extremists have taken over both major parties. Wake up America, these nutjobs want to steal your freedom!
North Dakota, Virginia, Mississippi, and Alabama just got TRAP laws.
by Former Wyeth Again April 16, 2013
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The monopoly that the Italian Cardinals had on the Papacy of the Roman Catholic Church, most lately from 1523 to 1978. Essentially minority control of an international entity for that minority's personal gain; "a government of the Italians, by the Italians, and for the Italians." This situation has also led to Italian control of the central bureaucracy (the Curia) that persists to this day. For the most part, the Italian Cardinals feel "Vastly Entitled" to this unique status; however the rest of the Cardinals seem to think otherwise, and have consistently elected non-Italian Popes since 1978. The last two Popes have let the Curia "do its own thing" (John Paul II never really understood it and ignored it, and Benedict XVI was more concerned with the trappings of power such as the color of his own shoes and obscure scholarly pursuits than with actually leading the Church).
The Italian Stranglehold led to much corruption in the Roman Catholic Church.
by Former Wyeth Again May 3, 2013
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Taking the cougar relationship (younger man/older woman, age difference more than ten years or so) to the next level and getting married. This used to be very rare and still is relatively rare. Most cougars are not looking for permanent relationships like marriage.
My best friend did ultimate cougar last weeekend when he got married; he's twenty-nine and she's forty five.
by Former Wyeth Again December 22, 2011
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