6 definitions by Flik off

Pierre was feeling horny, so he went down to the local poutangerie to take care of it.
by Flik off March 02, 2019
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I wasn't feeling well, so I went and got a plaguenancy test and it came back positive for Covid-19.
by Flik off January 29, 2021
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Today is the 1 year angryversary of when my "friend" punched me in the face.
by Flik off February 27, 2021
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The act of punishing someone with a multitude of kisses.
Jenny was a bad girl and needed some kissipline.
by Flik off February 19, 2019
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Drug dealer who specializes in psychedelics.
I want to trip, but need to go see my travel agent first.
by Flik off December 15, 2018
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