6 definitions by Fish Drowned

Something you still won't have
You: I already searched up sex in urban dictionary, how about intense sex!
by Fish Drowned March 7, 2021
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When there is no possible way to get to of the situation. Usually used for when you're looking back at your homework and notice that you have something big like a project due the next day.
I got this essay due tomorrow, and it's worth half my grade! I'm so fucked!
by Fish Drowned March 7, 2021
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One of the coldest mf in One Piece, that man can send dudes flying through the sky to any place he wants with just one touch.
Thriller Bark: Kuma Bartholomew ain't shit, Zoro was already injured against Oars.
Summit War: .....
by Fish Drowned January 25, 2021
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Burger King: Women belong in the kitchen
Every news article on the planet: Yeah, we'll print that
by Fish Drowned March 8, 2021
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