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The place where you go when the word you're looking for is too sophisticated to be found on UrbanDictionary.
I found the definition for "Antidisestablishmentarianism" on Wikipedia.
by FinnishPunk July 11, 2004

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Either to perform fellatio on a male, or cunnilingus on a female.
Bill: Kathy gave me head yesterday.
Kathy: Bill gave me head yesterday.
by FinnishPunk June 06, 2004

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A phrase which seems to be able to justify any means people may use to fuck you over.
"What the fuck! You fucked my girlfriend, killed my dog, stole my life's savings and burned down my house! I thought you were my friend!"

"Hey, life ain't fair, man."
by FinnishPunk May 23, 2004

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A fast-as-hell drummer for NOFX. Plays a double time beat at an insanely fast tempo WITH ONLY ONE PEDAL. This dude is amazing, I tell you.

Also known as: Smelly, Erik Shun, Erik Ghint, Groggy Nodbeggar, Herb Reath Stinks.
I wanna be Erik Sandin's stand-in
'Cause he doesn't have to get his fuckin' gland in
He's got no trouble with the fillies
Looks a little bit like Bruce Willis
I wanna be Erik Sandin's stand-in

-- Dogpiss - Erik Sandin's Stand-in
by FinnishPunk March 17, 2005

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The object of hatred wherever you go.
An American: Damn those goddamn foreigners.
An Englishman: I loathe those bloody foreigners.
A Swede: Jävla utlänningar.
A Finn: Vitun ulkomaalaiset.
A Frenchman: Je déteste les étrangers.
A German: Arschlosche Scheisse lözsch blszslzhszöslszzöslch.
by FinnishPunk April 29, 2005

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Lame word for Japanese hardcore/grindcore.
That loser listens to japcore.
by FinnishPunk February 10, 2005

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Just to let you know, the guy in the picture is flipping you off British style.
I guess "A'ight" means "piss off you wanker" in gangsta-speak.
by FinnishPunk February 24, 2005

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