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a "reality" show on MTV that takes New Yorkers and puts them in New Jersey. because few people know or acknowledge the fact that they are from New York and not New Jersey, the are dubbed Jersians. These fake Jersians get drunk, wasted, and start fights all the time, which makes real Jersians look just as bad.
Idiot: Did you watch Jersey Shore last week? Snooki was soooo wasted!
Non-Idiot: I am not going to waste an hour of my precistious time on earth watching such bullshit that makes fun of my home state.
by Field Playa October 30, 2010
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a small town in Morris County NJ. It is made up of mainly working class people just trying to get by. It is only about 2 square miles in area, and everything is in walking distance if you're willing to hike up a few hills. Boonton has a train station that is still in opperation and is home to the Boonton Bombers athletic teams.
Current day Boonton is located about a mile up the Rockaway River from Old Boonton, which has been under the Jersey City Reservior since 1902.
by Field Playa November 04, 2010
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the current drummer of band Breaking Benjamin. he joined the band after former drummer Jeremy Hummel got the boot. Chad's been with the band for the recording of Phobia and Dear Agony.
Chad Szeliga vs. Tre Cool
Now that would be an amazing drumming face off.
by Field Playa November 14, 2010
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when somebody is being completely idiot, similar in a way to how someone would act if related to Sarah Palin
Person 1: 2+2 = 7!
Person 2: You just pulled a Palin.
by Field Playa November 09, 2010
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an occupation where one is both a plumber and a magician. originally coined by bass player Hunter Burgan
Dude, I saw want to be a plumgician when I grow up. Ya know, fix the pipes and do a few magic tricks.
by Field Playa November 08, 2010
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a Swedish hockey player, drafted 2008 first round in the NHL Entrey Draft by the New Jersey Devils
most likely is going to be a totally unstoppable player in a few years
Jacob Josefson just scored us the goal that made us the Stanley Cup Champions.
by Field Playa October 28, 2010
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the act of stealing someone famous/popular name in order to make yourself more famous/popular
Guy: I just changed my name to Barack Obama!
Dude: Name jacker.
by Field Playa October 28, 2010
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