Casian is a person who is half curry and half Asian also the name of a band; compiled one half of curries and the other of Asians.
She is Casian, her mother was Asian and her dad was curry.
by cloudia June 22, 2006
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An Asian person who is also Cajun. Usually living in southern Louisiana and having a better tan than most Americans. They talk without the Asian accent but have slanted eyes.
They are both Cajun and Asian. They are casians!
by Msrhearhea June 21, 2013
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A new consciousness/ race derived from the mixture of European/ White and Asian/ Yellow descent. Although still rare, presently this Hybrid is growing more rapidly than ever before in history. A growth in population which is the after effect of World War II. Where Japan seized and conquered almost all of Asia, but after losing the war the United States took control of these territories. Control which for the time in history, gave European descendents the largest foundation in the Continent of Asia.

Casians are also the opposite race of the mixed natives of the Americas. Mexicans, Native American, etc...
Equivalent to European descent and African Descent. Black, White, Red, and Yellow.
"I am neither Asian nor White, but I am both of these. I am Casian."
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by Deffgefgereddwwww221515156+4+4 December 05, 2017
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